Curling Adventure

Sports Adventure – CURLING

Where: Třešňovka Sports Center, Praha Zbraslav

When: Anytime during your Prague visit

How: With our experienced instructors‘ guidance, we’ll unravel the intricacies of this fascinating team sport. Over two hours, you’ll learn the basics – stone throwing, sweeping, and a sprinkle of curling strategy. We’ll also fit in a game or two. Should you book a slot exceeding two hours, we’ll immerse you in an all-out curling match. At the end, we’ll announce the victors and present certificates of course completion, accompanied by some lasting memories and photographs. Also, you’ll be introduced to the spirited camaraderie of curling where the victorious team treats the runners-up to a drink. In this context, both teams are winners – one in the game, the other in camaraderie. Plus, you can purchase a curling memento from Prague to cherish this unforgettable experience.

Who: It’s open to all! (Ages 12 to 100)
Experience the thrill of the Olympic sport, CURLING, amidst the many other incredible attractions Prague has to offer and soak up this unique sport and social encounter.
We eagerly anticipate your visit!
Warm regards,

The Třešňovka Center Team.

curling adventure