Anytime during your visit to Prague.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, we will introduce you to the secrets of this beautiful collective game. In two hours, we will teach you basic skills – throwing stone and sweeping, a bit of a culing strategy, and eventually play one or two games. If you order a time longer than 2 hours, you can handle the entire curling match. In the end, the winning team will be announced, and you will also recieve a certificate of curling course completion in addition to beautiful memories and photos. Above that, you will also be aquainted with the social aspect of curling, which is enjoying yourself together with the other players after the match, when the winning team invites the losers for a drink, and so the winners are both teams – one wins the match and the other drink. You will also be able to buy a curling souvenir from Prague that will remind you of this experience forever.

Absolutely everyone! (from 12 to 100 years of age)
Take the unique opportunity to try the Olympic sport CURLING and among many other attractions of Prague, enjoy this amazing sporting and social experience!